In this rip roaring adventure and love story  – told as a historical novel  – Aleksandr Baranov, a charismatic Russian leader, left his family in 1790 to sail to Alaska as the Tsar’s chief manager there. Shipwrecked, he survived a harsh wilderness; motivated Aleuts to help him; married a young Native; and endured massacres from the Tlingit, meddling priests, the Battle of Sitka and a running duel with powerful Tlingit Chief Katlian. He built an empire and sought peace with the Tlingit, helped by his wife and teenage daughter. Alaska is part of the U.S. today, thanks largely to Baranov.

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Master of Alaska

432 pages  soft cover  5 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 0.9""     


* Adventure

* Love

* War

* Peace

* Faith

* Success against incredible odds

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The right book to celebrate the 2017 SesquiCentennial of the U.S. purchase of Alaska from Russia!

"In this gripping tale of historical fiction, a man faces a brutal landscape and forms alliances with the native tribes... An informative, exciting read that stays true to its real-life inspiration."

- Kirkus Reviews

"What a great read! ... full of action and adventure. Baranov is a smart, ambitious and incredibly brave leader..."

- Sarah Johnstone, screenwriter, "Mary McGreevy"



"A rip roaring tale ... cleanly written."


- Barry Sheinkopf, author,  Those Barely Silent Dead


"A personal story dramatizing the inner and outer conflicts of a remarkable man...extremely interesting, and captivating throughout."

- David Rutledge, Ph.D., Furman University


"I keep thinking about the story and its characters!"

- Charles Francis, Ideabank founder


"I read it twice... a fascinating book!"

- Nelson Page, film exhibitor


"I marvel at this book and it's compelling story. I felt the energy and compassion of it as though I were there. A great story from Alaska's history that shows how to make peace out of conflict."

- John G. Haven, solar systems designer & consultant




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