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Master of Alaska by Roger Seiler

Book Launch Announcement

Contact: Janet Carson


  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Carlsbad, CA – 9-1-2016) –True North Publishing announced that September 14, 2016 is the LAUNCH DATE for Master of Alaska by Roger Seiler.

(True North Publishing is an imprint of Motivational Press, Inc.)

By John Schwartz

(Updated September 1, 2016)

Master of Alaska is a historical novel based on the true story of Alaska's intrepid first governor, Aleksandr Baranov at the time of George Washington. This exciting page-turner tells the fascinating story of the Baranov era, and also gives us thought-provoking lessons in human relations, depth of character and love that transcend that time and place to be relevant to us today. For release on September 14, 2016.

Master of Alaska – Synopsis

In this rip roaring adventure and love story, told as a historical novel, the Tsar’s first Governor of Alaska, Aleksandr Baranov, makes up his mind: he will not be defeated by the Alaskan wilderness or the enmity of the Tlingit Natives. Baranov first demonstrates his skill as a courageous problem solver when he is shipwrecked on the way to Alaska in 1790, during the era when Washington was president of the U.S.

Baranov’s antagonist, the Tlingit Chief Katlian is determined to hurl the Russians out of Alaska. Armed with muskets and cannon from his British allies (who want to add Alaska to Canada) Katlian massacres the Russian settlement at Sitka while Baranov is away in Kodiak.

A brutal winter sets in, food runs out for the Russian colonists and Baranov has to turn to another native chief for supplies. The price: Baranov must marry this chief’s beautiful young daughter – but he already has a wife in Russia.

“So what,” replies the chief. “Marry my daughter or starve.” He does marry her and is surprised by her intelligence and gift of empathy that helps greatly to eventually develop peaceful relations with the Natives.

Leading a naval armada, Baranov attacks Katlian in the great Battle of Sitka in 1804, chases the Tlingits away, and builds a new impregnable fortress there. But Katlian is undeterred. Somehow, he will kill Baranov and destroy the Russians!

Baranov’s half native teenage daughter, beautiful and brilliant, becomes his most effective emissary with the Natives, and helps make a fragile peace.

Then Katlian gathers his army of awesome warriors once again for a final battle to destroy Baranov and the Russians. Hopelessly outnumbered, the wily Baranov has one more trick up his sleeve. Will it work?

This is the true saga of Alaska’s first and greatest governor, sent to be chief manager for 5 years, but stuck there for 28. He built a northwest Russian empire that stretched to California and Hawaii. And were it not for Baranov, today Alaska would be Canadian instead of America’s 49th state.

True North Publishing is excited to work with Roger Seiler to share with readers these great strengths of Master of Alaska:

- Shows effective problem solving. - Demonstrates the benefits of empathy in forging peace among fierce enemies. - Shows how to overcome awesome challenges. - Shows how love can heal deep hurts. - Shows how, even in a rough frontier, women can be highly influential.

About The Author:

Roger Seiler grew up in King Salmon, Alaska as the son of a bush pilot. He is a graduate of the UCLA Film School and an award-winning filmmaker. His first book in the historical novel genre was Naked Thinkers, which earned Amazon's top reader rating.

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