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Roger Seiler - Live From Lady Jane's Salon in New York City

Roger Seiler had the unique experience of reading excerpts from his novel "Master of Alaska" at Lady Jane's Salon's May event. Lots of fellow authors and avid book readers listened to his presentation and reacted ... laughs in all the right places as he made several successful attempts at humor ... Enjoy!

Roger Seiler reads excerpts from “Master of Alaska”, the historical novel based on the true story of Alaska's first Russian governor, Aleksandr Baranov at the time of George Washington. This exciting page-turner tells the fascinating story of the Baranov era, while providing thought-provoking lessons in human relations, depth of character and love that transcend time to be relevant to us today. “Master of Alaska,” Seiler’s exciting page-turner, tells the fascinating story of the Baranov era, while providing thought-provoking lessons in human relations, depth of character and love that transcend time to be relevant to us today.

Seiler grew up in King Salmon, Alaska as the son of a bush pilot. He is a graduate of the UCLA Film School and an award-winning filmmaker. His first book in the historical novel genre was “Naked Thinkers,” which earned Amazon's top reader rating. “Master of Alaska” is published by True North Publishing, a subsidiary of Motivational Press.

Seiler says the big question often asked of historical novels is how truly they represent actual history.

“In this case, there is a wealth of letters written by Baranov and people who knew him, as well as portraits, which have been relied in the book to develop the characters, their motivations, the dynamics of their interactions, and the fabric of events in which they operated.”

“Most fascinating to me was that each of the men in this story had a strong woman in his life. These women influenced the men’s important choices, and did so in surprising ways. It makes the story appeal to both men and women readers.”

Co-founder of Lady Jane’s Salon, Hope Tarr relates that Roger Seiler, as an award-winning filmmaker and Historical author, is a welcome addition to the May Event.

“Each Salon draws an exciting, eclectic mix of authors, aspiring writers, romance readers, publishing industry professionals and, on occasion, documentary filmmakers. We are pleased that Roger is joining our May Salon and sharing excerpts from his historical novel about Aleksandr Baranov and the early days of Alaska.”

Publishers Weekly contributor Alix Christie describes historical novels in a couple of quick sentences.

“The historical novels I admire inhabit their worlds so fully that as a reader I feel I'm breathing the air of that distant place or time. This has less to do with historical detail than with a freshness of language, tone and incident that makes the concerns of the characters so recognizably human that they feel almost contemporary.”

About Roger Seiler: Roger grew up in Alaska. His father Edwin, a civil engineer, became an Alaskan bush pilot, and his mother, Josefina from Puerto Rico, was a writer and Alaskan sportfishing lodge manager with a hobby of Flamenco dancing. In his late teens, Roger was a king salmon sport fishing guide on Alaska’s Naknek River, and also a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay. He attended Deep Springs College and graduated With Honors from UCLA with a BA in Theater Arts - Film. His first film work was for UCLA’s Automotive Collision Research project, including a film for TV, “Safety On The Road,” which he wrote, produced and directed.

He worked for IBM for several years as an in-house filmmaker involved largely in producing and directing motivational films for employee conventions. He has made over 30 documentary films, mostly sponsored by IBM. His IBM film, "The Inner Eye of Alexander Rutsch" had a special screening at New York's Museum of Modern Art and won the CINE Golden Eagle Award, as did three of his other films, "Frontiers," "Challenge Over the Atlantic," and "Strategy of the Achiever."

About Lady Jane’s Salon: Founded in February 2009 by romance authors Hope Tarr, Leanna Renee Hieber, Maya Rodale, and book blogger, Ron Hogan, Lady Jane’s Salon® is New York City’s first–and only–monthly romance fiction reading series.

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