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Roger Seiler, author of Master of Alaska - In His Own Words

Listen to author Roger Seiler read an excerpt from his novel "Master of Alaska."

About the book: Master of Alaska - is a compelling tale about the first governor of Alaska sent to the colony by Russia in 1790 – George Washington was President at the time. Below is the brief synopsis – the detail and research author Roger Seiler used is amazing – from biographies to actual letters and reports by the Governor Baranov himself. Master of Alaska, Seiler’s second book, starts in October 1790 when Aleksandr Baranov sails across the North Pacific to Kodiak to become the chief manager for Tsarina Catherine the Great’s colony in the far Northwest of North America. Baranov is shipwrecked, saved and adopted by natives and forced to marry Anooka the daughter of a tribal chief, despite still having a wife back in Russia. He spends the next 28 years in Alaska, surviving natural disasters, a massacre of his people at Sitka, a British attempt to undermine his colony and an assassination attempt. Interestingly, Baranov’s native wife and daughter eventually contribute much to his success and survival in Alaska.

Roger Seiler is available for interviews with media outlets as well as speaking engagements/book signings for bookstores, book clubs, cruises, as weill as churches including sharing the story of Alexander Baranov and Saint Herman of Alaska and the North American founding of the Russian Orthodox Church. Roger Seiler is also a graduate of the UCLA Film School.

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