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June 12, 2017 - Interview with Author

Tell us about your genre. How did you come to choose it? Why does it appeal to you?

Historical novels are my game because I like to bring to life the stories of real people who made a difference in their times. I'm intrigued by looking at history and delving into the lives of people whose struggles, loves, failures and triumphs are appealing today. It's a thrill to create characters based on true history that just jump off the page and make readers want to identify with them. And when we can learn lessons from them that have meaning in our own lives, that's the payoff for me.

What do you find most challenging about the writing process, and how do you deal with it?

With all the emphasis on "show the story, don't tell it," I've found that the reader can find too much "showing" tedious. So I learned how to alternate between the two styles as story demands. "Showing" is used for the crucial scenes where there is the most character development. "Telling" is used for all the in-between connective tissue that carries the story to the next crisis or high point, in order to keep the story moving at an appropriate pace and hold interest.

When and where do you do your writing?

Mostly at home in my grown son's former bedroom, still decorated with pictures from his outdoor adventures that keep me inspired. Then when my grown daughter comes in for a visit, puts her arms around me with a big smile, that's all I need to keep me going.

What have you learned about promoting your books?

Promoting a book is hard work, but it can be interesting and fun once you learn what works best for a particular book.

What are you most proud of as a writer?

As a writer, nothing makes me happier and proud than having a reader tell me how much they enjoyed the characters and how engaged they felt by the story.

If you could have dinner with any writer, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?

If we could bring him back, I'd love to have dinner with Jack London. I would want to hear about all the adventures he had that he never got around to writing about. After that, I'd like to learn how he learned to think like a dog in "Call of the Wild" and make it feel real.

About the Celticlady

I am a wife of 34 years and mother and grandmother. I have 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I live in northern Wisconsin. I had been employed for 24 years at a local nursing home . I no longer work due to a disability..I started blogging in September of 2009 as to have something to do. Since I love to read, I started doing reviews and I love it!! It is fun to discover new authors out there. I also maintain other blogs, I love to travel and it is a good thing in a way that the children, all except one, live further away so I can visit. I have been to California three times, New Bern NC. a few times, Florida a few times, Ireland twice and to the Dominican Republic this past February for our son's wedding.

June 13, 2017 - Roger Seiler Interviewed on The Authors Show with host Danielle Hampson

The History of The Authors Show Radio and TV "talk shows", as we have known them for the past few decades, present a wide variety of carefully selected topics to their audiences, and to captivate the largest number of listeners and/or viewers - their ultimate goal - it is essential that these programs be dynamic. To help them with that task, show producers introduce guests to be interviewed by the show hosts on the topic at hand. Often these guests are authors, and although generally given less than 5 minutes of "spotlight" (especially on TV), these authors welcome the invitation as it offers them a chance to talk about their books. Everybody is happy: the station has a program, the producer has a topic, the host has a guest, the guest has an audience s/he would most likely otherwise never get elsewhere. But there is one problem: so many authors, and not enough radio/TV time available! In 2005 when all the radio/TV stations "pooh-poohed" the Internet, Danielle Hampson had the vision to build a platform where authors would be given much more than the time generally allocated by conventional media. So, she developed, produced and hosted her first Internet TV show called "Arizona Authors", where each author was interviewed for up to 15 minutes and broadcast online for up to a full week, non-stop 24/7. The word about her new show spread like wild fire and shortly after Arizona Authors' debut, Danielle started to receive requests for interviews from authors in California, Oregon, Washington and other west coast states, and to accommodate these out of state authors, she renamed the show "The Authors Show". Very soon, authors contacted her from Texas, Michigan, Florida, New York, and eventually from all over the United States, Canada, and also from overseas. Guests were flying to her Phoenix based green screen studio from the UK, Germany, and even from the Middle East. Understanding that not all authors may be able to travel to be a guest on her online TV show, in 2007 Ms. Hampson launched the online radio version of the same show, and asked her friend and "free marketing" guru Don McCauley to host the radio show for her. Within less than 72 hours of the radio show announcement, Danielle received over 700 interview requests from authors around the world, and soon authors were booked on the show to discuss their books via telephone interviews with the host. Unlike the TV show, its radio counterpart offers no logistical challenges, which contributed to its rapid growth. So much so that Danielle found herself in the position of having too many authors, and not enough "show hours". She then split the show into several categories/genres. To relieve Don of some of the hosting pressure, Danielle jumped back into hosting shows again and together they shared the task of conducting all the interviews. But it is also Danielle who does all the audio and video editing, and with the ever growing number of interviews being conducted, in 2014 she brought in Linda Thompson as an additional radio host.



Master of Alaska By Roger Seiler Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance The detail and research that author Roger Seiler used – from biographies to actual letters and reports by the Governor Baranov himself - creates a riveting story.

Master of Alaska - a compelling Historical Fiction about the first governor of Alaska sent to the colony by Russia in 1790 – George Washington was President at the time. Master of Alaska starts in October 1790 when Aleksandr Baranov left his family in Russia and sails across the North Pacific to Kodiak to become the chief manager for Tsarina Catherine the Great’s colony in the far Northwest of North America. Baranov is shipwrecked, saved and adopted by the Aleut natives.

Later he is forced to marry Anooka the daughter of the tribal chief, despite still having a wife back in Russia to save his men from starvation. Only slated to serve five years, Baranov spends the next 28 years in Alaska, surviving natural disasters, a massacre of his people at Sitka, meddling competing Russian authorities, a British attempt to undermine his colony and an assassination attempt.

Interestingly, Baranov’s native wife and teenage daughter play an intricate role and contribute much to his success and survival in Alaska. Baranov built an empire and sought peace with the warring Tlingit, and thanks largely to his efforts Alaska is part of the U.S. today.


I am a Work@home and Stay@home mom of 4 now young adults and 1 teen. I love blogging, doing giveaways, lots of reviews and spending time with my friends. I absolutely love music and my cat Oreo :) And a workaholic! I want to travel across the US and then overseas in the near future.

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